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Insert topical title here

Well, I did it. I made it to the gym every day this week. And it wasn’t just a situation of “I’m here. I’ll do 10 minutes of nothing and call it a day.” It was really hard workouts (with real sweat and everything!). I am just so proud of me! How am I going to celebrate? Why, with a great Super Bowl feast tomorrow. (Not that I am going to over indulge. I am just going to not worry about it.) I can’t wait for the game. Of course, I have to endure all that football between the great commercials, but it is worth it most years. (Yes, Natalie, I am kidding.)

Oh, as for the meeting yesterday with the PTA…I walked into it with the “this is my show, I will run it like I want to” and it worked. Madame President was civil and didn’t have a negative thing to say to me (to my face). It turned out great. And the fun thing about it was that I got to honor 4 people that I really admire and adore. It made all the stress worth it. (For the most part.)

So, is it a sign that I am getting old that it is Saturday night and I am in my pj’s ready to go to bed and can’t stop yawning? (I wasn’t asking you, dear! You’re older than I am anyway.)

Does a blog entry really have to have a topic that holds it all together? Nah, I don’t think so. Have you ever read Charlie? He gets away without that all the time.


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