My 101 Things (no really!)

My 101 Things (no really!)

Okay, I told you I would get my 100 Things posted before 2005. I am getting a jump start and working on that whole “anti-procrastination” thing. Ready to read more about me than you ever wanted to know?

Let’s go!

1. My name is Jennifer Lee
2. I hated “Lee” for a middle name. It was a boy’s name. I wanted the prettier spelling like “Leigh”.
3. It’s a family name. I’m glad it’s mine now.
4. I was born on November 7th. A day after my Daddy’s birthday.
5. He says I was the best birthday present ever. (And the most expensive!)
6. I met my husband when we were both in high school.
7. I was 16.
8. We got married when I was 20.
9. Yes, 20. Yes, too young. No, no regrets.
10. I have 3 wonderful kids. 2 boys and 1 girl.
11. I had another son, my first. He was a stillborn.
12. I still hurt when I think about the it.
13. I’ve lived in Texas all of my life.
14. Okay, except for that first year when I lived in Georgia.
15. I never knew the city I was born in until I got in College.
16. No, I’m not stupid. It was just referred to by county and never the city since I lived just outside of the city.
17. I can’t imagine living anywhere other than Texas. But given the right job, I’d move.
18. I have 1 sister and 1 brother.
19. They are both adopted. But I always forget that. We all do.
20. I didn’t get along with my sister growing up, but now, she is one of my best friends ever.
21. I don’t see my brother often enough.
22. He lives in Florida.
23. I have been to 3 different Universities and 2 colleges.
24. I have yet to graduate.
25. Again, no I am not stupid. I am just a really good breeder. (See #10)
26. Everytime I go back to school, I get pregnant.
27. I figured out study breaks must make you pregnant. (You don’t hear about that in Biology class, do you?)
28. I am going back to school this year.
29. To Texas A&M (again)
30. I will be getting that ever elusive Aggie Senior ring.
31. Oh yeah, and that degree thing.
32. I really love coffee.
33. I’d have thought you’d have figured that out by now.
34. I can drink it right before bed and not worry about not sleeping.
35. I am an insomniac.
36. No, it is not the caffeine.
37. I’ve tried a caffeine free life.
38. It didn’t work for me.
39. I am a soccer mom.
40. I love being a soccer mom.
41. And yes, I am the team manager.
42. I am also a PTA mom.
43. I used to make fun of the women who are at the school all the time.
44. Now, I am one of them.
45. My mom was that way.
46. I love being on the inside track and knowing the behind the scenes stuff.
47. I am on the executive board of our PTA.
48. That sounds more impressive than it is.
49. But I love it nonetheless.
50. Yippeeee…halfway there! (Are you still reading this?)
51. I used to be quite fluent in ASL.
52. Like any language, you have to use it or lose it.
53. I use it when I can, but that isn’t often.
54. I can’t carry a tune.
55. I say I am tone deaf, but maybe I am just tone-impaired.
56. Karaoke makes me laugh.
57. But I will never sing.
58. Not even drunk.
59. I like most music.
60. I can play 4 different kinds of clarinets.
61. And the flute.
62. And the tenor sax.
63. But I haven’t in years.
64. I love how music makes you feel things deeper.
65. I love to write.
66. My dream is to publish a novel.
67. You can say you knew me when…..
68. If you buy my book, I will autograph it free and buy you coffee.
69. Okay, maybe not the coffee. That could be expensive.
70. I have a very short attention span.
71. It’s probably ADD
72. But I don’t have the focus to find out.
73. I procrastinate.
74. Way too often, I procrastinate.
75. I have lost friends over that.
76. I am a recovering drug addict.
77. Presciptions pills were my downfall.
78. I got clean in 2000.
79. My official sobriety date is March 6, 2000.
80. I am proud of that!
81. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.
82. And I beat it!
83. I have a very addictive personality, so I have to be careful.
84. I joke about things I probably shouldn’t joke about.
85. But I think humor heals a multitude of pains.
86. My husband makes me laugh more than anyone I know.
87. He is my best friend.
88. I wear contacts.
89. Somtimes glasses.
90. I can’t cook.
91. I mean I really can’t cook!
92. I once caught frozen vegetables on fire.
93. When a producer from Oprah heard that, she called me to be on the show.
94. They ended up not doing the show, but my tape is on file.
95. Quite a claim to fame, wouldn’t you say?
96. I can bake, though.
97. Yes, there is a difference!
98. I have to have my toenails polished all the time. Always. Yes, that may be weird, but it is me.
99. I broke my right leg when I was 3. I still remember.
100. I hope to never do that again. But I am a klutz.
101. I guess I am done. Do you feel like you know me better now? Good.


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