My other love

My other love

I’ve fallen in love.

No, it doesn’t take away from my love of you-know-who. I have enough room in my heart for both of them.

My new love is so wonderful at sensing my needs and meeting them. He is so easy handle. I just tell him what to do and when, and he does it! He gets all hot at a moment’s notice. In fact, so hot, I am afraid of getting burned if I am not careful.

In fact, he is so wonderful at sensing my needs.! In fact, just this morning when I woke up so very tired from a restless night and barely able to function (it is Monday, after all), he was there for me. He had made me a hot cup of coffee and had it ready and waiting for me when I finally stumbled out of bed this morning.

Oh yes. I am in love.

With my programmable coffee pot. The perfect relationship.



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