Phone fun (not so much)

Phone fun (not so much)

Excuse my little rant. I am not a fan of them, but here I go anyway.

First off, I am not a doctor. I don’t even play one of tv. So, I am not saying that I am smarter than anyone with “MD” behind his name. But I do know when my kid needs medical attention and I should at the very least be allowed to talk to a nurse reguarding his situation.

So perhaps if you are the receptionist answering the phone at a doctor’s office maybe you should actually listen to what someone is saying before dismissing them. I called this morning for Kidlet Jr. The conversation went something like this:

Nasty Receptionist (NR): “Quack Dr’s office, may I help you?”
Me: “Yes, I need to see if the doctor can somehow squeeze my son in today. You see…”
NR: “No. We have no openings.”
Me: “Yes, I am sure you are busy. It’s just that….”
NR: “How will Monday at 3:30pm work for you?”
Me: “Well, not very well. I think that I should at least talk to a nurse. May I talk to a nurse, please?”
NR: “Talking to a nurse will not get you an appointment. I make the appointments.”
Me: “I am ever so happy for you and your powertrip. However, I think that this is something that nurse should decide. You see he is bleeding…”
NR: “Bleeding is not something we consider an emergency.”
Me >”…from the ear!”
NRt: “Well, we still can’t see him until Monday. If he is still bleeding then, come in.”
Me: “So where should be be bleeding from for me to talk to a nurse??”
NR: “I don’t think we need to get sassy, ma’am.”

So, we have spent the day in the e.r., where at least they were nice.

Turns out the poor guy has an ear infection with a partially perforated eardrum. Thus the blood and the pain. He is calmly chilling out in the gameroom watching a movie. And he is as high as a kite on the Tylenol 3 the e.r. doctor gave him.

Perhaps tonight I will get some sleep. Have I ever mentioned what a royal bitch nasty person I can be without sleep? (I am not asking you, dear!)

I am going to go take a nap. If you need anything, just call Dr Quack’s receptionist. She seems to be real helpful!


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