PTA nightmare

PTA nightmare

Yesterday I had to got to work on PTA stuff for what felt like years hours. Yes, hours. We are honoring some members today, so I had to write up a brief “Why we are honoring so-and-so today” blurbs, decided what special gift to present and then go purchase said gift. (I ended up getting this great plant in an adorable tin bucket with Spring flowers painted on it and a wooden heart in the middle of the plant. I added a few pink roses to each plant to brighten it up. They looked great!) So, this morning, in a rare instance of thinking ahead, I recruited the boys to help me carry the plants into the school. (Got a lot of compliments on the way in to the school, too.)

But honestly, I am sick to my stomach about running this meeting and dealing with this whole event. Normally, I wouldn’t care in the least. However, our PTA president (one of those PTA Militant types) pretty much laid it out last week that nothing I do is right in her eyes. You know the type? I could turn water into a red wine and she would say that I shouldn’t made it white wine. *sigh*

I even went as far as having horrible dreams all night about it. This is SO not like me to let someone I don’t even respect or admire get me all riled up. Maybe it is the cold medicine that has me jittery, but I sure will be happy when this day is over. Ugh. My stomach hurts thinking about it.

I hate to admit it, but maybe I am not cut out to be a PTA mom. Not if they have to be perfect. I am the first to admit, I am not perfect. (Just don’t tell Clint. He needs to think I am.) Seriously, this woman makes me not want to have anything to do with the PTA. How wrong is that? We’ll see. Maybe she won’t be supreme ruler next year. (Hey, a girl can hope!)

I’ll let you know what happens and if there are any cat fights or anything. Hope your day is great!


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