To gym or not to gym, that is the question

To gym or not to gym, that is the question

This morning when I woke up, I had a raging sore throat and headache. Which poses the first time dilemma for me: Do I crawl back into bed or keep my appointment with my friend and meet her at the gym this morning? I can’t claim that I shouldn’t be out in the snow and ice because, well, frankly, this is Texas and we don’t really understand the phrase “snow and ice”. (However, we do understand “it’s too damn cold for Texas”, but that’s not really the issue. It is a chilly 46 degrees, but that is downright warm to the people up north, right?) So, anyway, I have been great at getting up and getting to the gym no matter what. Even when I just don’t feel like it. I have yet to regret going. I was trying to make it everyday this week. (Just my own personal goal.) But, really, it would be so easy to crawl back into my warm bed and sleeeeep.

It makes me wonder…Am I looking for an excuse to not go today. (I really do have a headache and sore throat, but I am pretty sure I could work through that and get a good workout in anyway.) Ironically enough, this is my morning horrorscope (yes, I know I typed horrorscope instead of horoscopesmile

A desire for some intense exercise might come upon you today, JENN. Perhaps you’ve been feeling a little tired lately, and you want to raise your energy level. This is just the right day to start a new program, because you should be feeling especially enthusiastic right now and can muster sufficient energy for just about anything. Unless you work at it, however, this rush of energy could pass after today. Make the most of it!

Oh yeah. That get that one right everytime. No, wait. It has never been right. My bad.

So, as I get the kids ready for school I will be battling myself over going to the gym or not.

“You need to go. You said you would.”
“True, but I didn’t have a headache and sore throat, then.”
“Whatever, you wimp. You’ll feel better after you are there.”
“And if I don’t? And if I drag Little Diva out of bed for nothing? Then what smarty-parts? (Yes, I call myself names when I talk to myself. What about it?)
“Just do it.”
“Oh and suddenly you are going all Nike on my ass?”
“Yeah. Just do it. No pain no gain.”
*eyerolll* “You’re annoying in the morning, you know that?”

What are you looking at? Oh, like you don’t have conversations like this in your head? Yes you do.

I’ll let you know who wins out later. (I just know you won’t be able to rest and have a productive day until you know. I understand the burden I am carrying. I won’t let you down!)


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