Train wreck

Train wreck

Okay, I admit it. I pretty much giggled with glee when American Idol came back on this season. I don’t know what it is that makes me so thoroughly enjoy watching the wretched singers (especially when they think they are god’s gift to the music industry). I have gasped in shock, laughed in sheer amusement and watched through my fingers in horror at some of these contestants. Are they serious? (skatgirl? Fookling Lee? Victoria Elliott and her “advisor” Mr. Jack? (Did anyone else see a parallel like a pimp and his ho in that relationship or was it just me?) Need I say more?)

I mean sure, Simon is one mean dude, but truth be told, I adore the s.o.b.! I know, I could never be so cruel, but he does it so well. In all honesty I am a nice gal. Why do I find him so entertaining? I could never do what he does. Seriously, if you were to fall flat on your face right in front of me, I wouldn’t even laugh. (Okay, yes I would, but I would feel really bad about it later.)

I have to wonder, when you really can’t sing, don’t you know it? I mean, I know I can’t sing. Does it stop me from singing to the radio in my car? Nope. Does it stop me from singing to my kids? Nope. Does it stop me from making as ass out of myself on national television. Hell yes it does! I’ll find my 15 minutes of fame somewhere else, thankyouverymuch.

Is it wrong to find so much joy in this train wreck of talentless people? Ahhh, who cares! I am having one helluva good time watching them.


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