We be illin’

We be illin’

Can a house make you sick? Can it be possessed by germs and be trying to force you out (picture Amityville Horror, but with Germs instead of evil voices and scary death-like terror.)

Let’s do a roll call, shall we?

The Flu: Been here to infect me, Kidlet Sr. and Little Diva
Strep: Been here to infect Kidlet Jr. and Little Diva
Ear infection (complete with ruptured ear drum): Been here to infect Kidlet Jr.
Vomit Meister: Been here to infect Kidlet Sr and our latest victim from last night, Little Diva.

All of these various illnesses have been to our house since December 12th. That’s right folks. In less than a month, we have had those various illnesses invade our peaceful chaotic home. (I even had to pick up Kidlet Jr. from school yesterday because of stomach problems.)

I would appreciate it if someone would take this whole infected curse that has befallen us and send it back to where ever it came from. Undo that voodoo you do so well and for the love of all that has been soaked in Lysol, give me at least one week with a welll family.


In other news, the vomit meister coming to visit last night got me out of a PTA board meeting this morning. It’s not like I didn’t want to go, either. I honestly didn’t mind…this time. But it would be cruel to drag the poor Little Diva out of her bed hours earlier than she is used to so that she can sit in a meeting that will bore her to tears. (As it does all of us.) Not to mention the fact that if she is sick, I don’t want her passing her nasty germs on to the other board memebers. (Oh sure, that may sound noble, but if she passes it to them, then they pass it to their kids then I risk the chance that it comes back here, yet again. *sigh* Not noble. Self-preservation.)

But really. MUST we have this sickness here. Again?

Off to do some ancient ritualistic dance to ward off the evil nasty-illin’-sickie germs. (Or go back to bed. Yeah, that one sounds better anyway.)


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