Weigh me in baby

Weigh me in baby

Boring details about the Discovery Challenge in this post. If you are interested, read on. If not, come back later. I will work on something witty and wise for you.

So, I got my butt out of bed early today so that I could go to the weigh in. We got there at about 9:00am. Yes, we were naive to be shocked that there was already a huge line! We jumped right on in and waited. And waited. And watied. Luckily, we had fun people around us to laugh and talk with.

At 11:00am, we were pretty sick of being there already. We were sending people to the store to see how long it would be. The first person came back and said that the store had only 250 kits to give out. Excuse me? How many? If I can get online and see that over 8,000 people have signed up to be there, I am thinking that 250 kits is pretty pathetic.

So, we go back to the store and find out what is going on. Let’s just say that no one who had been standing in line was so nice that they were above forming a huge angry mob if only 250 were going to do this.

Turns out they upped the number of kits to 2,000. But, only the first 250 people got them today. The rest got them mailed to them. BUT, the Perky Discovery Store Employee said that they were not going to even weigh in anyone after # 2,000.

Okay. So, I knew I was close enough in line to be in that 2,000, so we decided to stay.

Perky Discovery Store Employee came by a few mintues later and gave us a form to fill out. On that form was written “5-6/ 785” Turns out, I was number 785 in line. And that I might get a weigh in between 5-6pm that evening. I could stay or I could leave and come back at 5:00pm.

Notice I am at home and blogging. My idea of a good Saturday is not stanging in line. I am just not up to wanting to hang in line for hours and hours to get on a scale. And let’s face it. I have a scale. I don’t need a t-shirt. I can journal my fitness and diet progress online. I want the Bally’s membership. I amsure everyone there did. (Okay, Loud Outgoing Happy Mom wanted to be on tv. More power to her!)

So, I will lug my tired butt back across town later and do this again. They “assured” me that I would be taken right in since I was here so early. We’ll see.

Truth be told, I could take it or leave it. But, since I made a committment to myself to get fit and healthier, what better way than with a free 3-month gym membership to kick start it? Being out of work, free is always good! Of course, seeing that it is Bally’s, I am going to read the fine print. I think even dying doesn’t break a Bally’s contract.

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