What can I say? It’s in my blood.

What can I say? It’s in my blood.

I decided I wasn’t going to talk about coffee today. Okay? No coffee talk.

Wait. I just mentioned it. That means I talked about coffee. Hmmm, I guess that gives me free reign to discuss this particular nectar of the gods now. What? You’re sick of it? Already? Hello. Do you know me? Have you actually typed the url to this site? Mommy Needs Coffee. You see, it isn’t my fault. It is in my blood. (I have proof, you know.) I am allowed my one vice. Smoking? No. Drugs? Not anymore. Running naked in the street singing “Celebrate Good Times, c’mon!”? Not since that mean neighbor called the cops. Allow me my coffee. (And no one gets hurt.)

Okay, since I am in such a good mood, to appease you (and because that guy over there looks a little scary), I will just throw up a cartoon for you. (No. I won’t actually “throw-up” a cartoon. That’s nasty!)

I hope you all have a great Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday. (Who can keep track anymore?)



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