All about Me! Part I

All about Me! Part I

Today is where I let you tell me what you want me to write about. Buzz decided to ask several things. Of course, he was probably trying to give me several entries worth of information, but too much “all about me” would bore anyone. So, this entry is my blogging for Buzz entry. Ready? All you (n)ever wanted to know about me and then some…..

I was born in Decatur, Georgia. Few people know that. I moved to Texas when I was 12 months old and have lived here ever since. I even forget I wasn’t born here. (I have since been forgiven for that fact.) As for going back, desire to go back there. Ever. No offense to Georgia, but there is just nothing there for me. Home is here.

(We’ll cover a day in the life with me and nef later.)

As for my feelings on the “morning after pill”, I am assuming you mean my feelings on Advil versus Tylenol the morning after a huge drinkfest when you are trying anything to get rid of that damn hangover, right? Well, personally, I think Tylenol both the night before bed and then in the morning are the best option. Oh, and with a lot of water too. Never forget that water!

Do I think Belgian beers are the best? I recently found the best beer ever: Paulaner Hefe-Weizen. Of course, I am always willing to try new ones and change my mind. You buying?

As for carrot-top….. *shudder* Enough said.

When I am up in the middle of the night, the first thing I watch is my husband sleeping and wonder to myself if I should be mean and wake him too. Usually I decide against it. Then, I go check on each of the kids to make sure they are all snuggled up under their blankets asleep. I will first go to my tivo-rip-off to see if there is anything I recorded that I want to watch. If not, I channel surf to see if there is anything fabulous on. (Nick at Nite used to be my favorite with classics such as Dobie Gillis and Patty Duke, but now they air shows that I grew up watching. I am not old enough for my shows to be on Nick at Nite.) I have been known on more than one occasion to sit and watch an entire infomercial. Okay, 3 entire informercials. Okay, more, but that is all I am saying. Finally, when none of that works, I pop in a DVD and watch a movie. But I have to be really wide awake for that. Most times, I will just grab my book and read until I am tired again.

If I could relive my senior year in high school, would I? Hmm, tough one. Probably not. I would like to visit certain aspects of it, but not relive the whole year. Nope. Not that nostalgic at all. (But can I go backand just steal my figure and bring it with me to current times? Pre-baby, gravity and age?)

My favorite non-house-pet-animal? A monkey. (But never ever ever a sock monkey. No way!) Pretty much any kind of monkey is fine. They just crack my shit up. Or maybe they just remind me of my kids.

I am not afraid of big bugs. I just don’t want to share my space with them. If their space crawls into my space, they gotta go. And it usually is not pleasant. Sometimes, I even let my boys or my husband “get rid of them” for me. They so love doing that. Spiders? That is a whole different story. They are not allowed anywhere near my space or the space I have ever occupied. Nope. No way. Yuk!

What do I think of Buzzstuff? Buzzzzzstuff? I think I’ve been to that site before. Isn’t that Pat’s husband’s place? *grin* I love my buzzstuff. It rocks my socks, baby!

Am I as word obsessed as my husband? Yes and no. I love words. LOVE words. I love making them up too. (See babble-assing) I truly do have a love affair with the words and learning new words. Do I find Words Of The Day to amaze and baffle my readers? Nah. That is his department. I’ll just love them from afar and share new words I stumble plummet across.

As an adult, would I want to change my name to something else, like say Buzz? Well, Jenn is so easy. And Debbi would never work seeing as how I live in Dallas and all. We won’t go there. It needs to be easy. I am getting older, you know. Buzz? Hmm, short like Jenn. Ends with the double consonant. (So trendy and hip.) Easy to remember. Okay. Yes. I do want to change my name. I am stealing Buzz. I am now Buzz. Thanks for the idea, man.

My ideal steak is medium. Not rare. Please don’t just slap the cow in the ass and send it to my table. A little pink, no blood, thankyouvermuch.

My favorite literary character of all time? ALL time? That is tough. I would have to say Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes. (Cop out answer? You betcha. That one was too hard for a book lover to answer. I just can’t take the pressure!!)

Finally, would I do a good job in my local government? Hell no. I can barely take the politics in the PTA. I could never deal with the real goverment. Besides, they might find a skeleton or two in my closet. (Honest, they were there when I got the place!)

So, there you have it, Buzz, my longwinded answers to your longwinded questions. *whew*

I am taking a break before I tackle Sabrina’s.

If you want to know anything, just ask, people. And really, one question is fine. Honestly. It really is. wink

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