All about Me Part II

All about Me Part II

Okay, are you sick of me yet. (Hey! You there that said yes…that was just rude! You should apologize! My wishlist is over there on the left hand side of the blog. Feel free to bribe me for forgiveness.)

Sabrina asked me almost as many questions as Buzz. Don’t worry. This is the last round of long questions. Can you handle more of me? Can you take it? Are you man (or woman) enough for more of the java diva?

Okay….here is round II…..

How did I meet nef? Well we met at a high school graduation party (that we both tried to back out of going to!) It “seemed” like it would be complicated, but nothing had ever been so easy as getting together with him.

My first blog topic was such a yawner! Basically I discussed the horror of middle aged hairy man in a speedo. *shudder* I think I was just trying to jump right in without the intro or anything like I had been on this blog for ages. The second one was more the tone of me than the other. It just talked about how much I love my family and the bliss of my day.

My dream things:
Dream job: A published author. Getting paid to write? I would SO love to do that. That would be my dream job for sure.
Dream vacation: With just me and the hubby would be somewhere tropical and exotic. With the family, Disney of course. Believe it or not, I have never taken the kids there.
Dream house: Any that has a maid. Seriously. Okay, it would have to have a HUGE closet for my shoes, purses and clothes. No sharing with the man, either. A bathroom that I could live in with a Jacuzzi tub. A library. I so want a library in my home. A media room. A game room where I can send all of the game consoles and arcade machines etc. A master bedroom that just screams romance. Oh, a playroom that is far away from where any guest would ever see it. (Unless they are under 10 years old. Then go for it!) Oh and a kitchen that is professional in every way. (No! Not for me. Clint would love that and I would get to benefit from the awesome meals!) Other than that, I am not picky! wink

My favorites:
holiday is Christmas. Watching the kids get so excited and happy makes it so incredible for me. (I hate Valentine’s Day though. And I have a boyfriend.)
Favorite Friends character is Phoebe. I want to her whole “I could care less what anyone thinks, freedom attitude.” I’d love to go all hippy-chic!
Favorite time of day: IF I am up already, I love early morning. If not, I love sunset. As the lights start to come on around the neighborhood. You can smell dinner cooking. The kids are starting to wind down and come home. Everyone settles in for the day. It just says “home” to me.
Favorite super hero: My husband. Awwwww! As far as cartoonish ones, I don’t have one. Shocking, isn’t it. I need to work on that. I honestly can’t think of one that makes me say “Love him!”
Least favorite phrase: “Just a sec” Grrrrrr. Okay, so I use it, but it irritates me. That and “Whatever” But the whatever is a context thing. If we are talking about something and I am trying to make a point and someone says “Whatever” it is the equivilant of a slap in the face to me. Hate that!
My favorite/most comfortable outfit: probably jeans and a cozy t-shirt. Not so dressy, but oh so comfy! That or my pj’s. (I sense a “comfort” theme here.)

Where do I think lost socks go? I think they are all in an alternate version of our current reality where that version of ourselves in actually missing a sock also. You see, only one pair of socks is allowed per every 2 realities. THAT is why we can never keep a pair of socks together. We are constantly battling alternate realities for them! (Or something like that!) (Mittens too)

Dogs more than cats. Lizards over fish. And hamster over rat, gerbil or mouse. As for pet spiders…hell no, not in my house!

*whew* How’s that, Sabrina? Did I do your questions justice? Thanks for playing. You rock! I am thankful you answered my plea for help with the bloggin topicless.

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