Blog it Forward V

Blog it Forward V

Well, the man has spoken. It is Blog It Forward V Day. (And when Buzz speaks, we all would do well to listen. I’m just saying…)

Today is all about couple bloggers (since it is the week of Valentine’s Day and all.)

Thanks Susan of Red Grand Am for making the Blog it Forward Button (snagged from Buzz)!

First of all we have our Mr Blog It Forward himself, Buzz and his beautiful Empress Pat. These two are some of my favorite daily reads. They both have a great sense of humor. They are real. you just feel like you know them when you read them. (Not to mention the fact that they are so in love with each other, you can’t help but adore them and cheer them on!) We are SO going to have dinner with these two one of these days.

Next we have our beloved Buddha. If you’ve read this guy, you know he is a piece of work (and I SO mean that in the best possible way!) He takes humor to an all new level. (Honestly, dude, the Cowboy stuff is in the mail!) So who could possibly be a match for his wit and wisdome? Well, his beautiful wife Valley of Valley Views. I really enjoy her take on things. (Not to mention the inside track on their home remodeling jobs going on. I’ve gotten some great ideas there!) She isn’t feeling well today, so go give her some love (and her Buddha, too).

You want a great laugh? Head over to see Erin at Chix Mix. She is relatively new, but she cracks me up! (AND she is talking all about boobs this week. Bonus, huh!) Oh, and did you know that her husband is the Pete of the infamous Pete Beck? They really are a funny couple and both are great reads. You won’t be let down by either of them when you add them to your must reads.

While we are all about couples, there is no way I could forget Natalie of Pickle Juice fame. I really must meet this lady. She totally has me cracking up on a daily basis. Her outlook on life, motherhood and pretty much everything is so twisted unique to her that you can’t help but enjoy her. When you read her, you can sometimes get the 2 for 1 deal and get sent over to read her husband, Andy of Yates on the States. They are great at bantering between their blogs. (One word: Cats.) You will enjoy these two. You have my word on that!

Now, how could I ever have a Blog It Forward all about blogging couples if I didn’t mention my very own better half nef aka Clint aka My Man. You really should be reading him. Why? Because he is pretty damn funny! Not to mention that if you read him, it makes him happy, which puts him in a good mood which makes me happy which, therefore, causes better blog entries here. (See how we all can work together here?) Seriously, if you haven’t followed one of my thousand links back to him, you should. He finds great links and really does have a great sense of humor. (And a pretty damn cool wife, too!)

So there you go. My Valentine’s Week Blog It Forward V. Now go see them and tell them Jenn sent you. You can thank me later for your new daily reads.


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