Blogging topicless

Blogging topicless

Inspire me! Someone, please, inspire me. I cannot even begin to tell you how tired I have been lately. (I think people just think I am very slow or just drunk. Maybe both.) I thought you were supposed to become more energetic when you start working our regularly. Nope. Not me. I am dead dog tired all the time. See, I totally think this whole eating healthy and exercising is bad for you. I was just perfectly content with my boring little life of eating crap food. (That’s crappy food, actually, not crap for food. That would just be disgusting, people.) And sitting around the house not going to the gym and not sweating my butt off and not “feeling the burn” was working for me. I was able to stay up late. I wasn’t hungry. I didn’t walk with this funny little limp and have to grab my abs when I laugh. Oh sure, this is much better. I am exhausted, bone-tired. I am hungry most of the time. And really, this pain thing is getting old.

*gasp* Does this mean it is actually me getting old? Nah. I refuse to get old. I will continue to have birthdays, but I will never be old. Nope.

So, this is why the writing is infrequent and not inspired. I admit it. I am topicless. Yes, folks, I am sitting here topicless. No webcam to prove it either. (Quit picturing topless blogging, people. I said topicless blogging.)

What do you want to know about me? What do you want to hear about? Nothing is off limits. (Okay, that is totally a lie. I won’t talk about my obsession with purses and shoes. That is just sooo personal!) It’s your chance to choose the blog topic. (But try to keep the tone of the blog. Meaning I am not going to suddenly go to x-rated blogging.)

Anything you want to know or hear about? Inspire me, people. I need you.


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