First, thanks for all of your input regarding the books. It will take some time, but I think I am going to combine all of the suggestions. I will list some here, sell come and donate some. See, the thing is, most of the ones I am giving away are ones that I really don’t think anyone would want. I have a lot (an embarrassing amount, to be exact) of old romance type novels. Yes, my loving husband calls them my smut books. Whatever! But, I also have some Grisham, some mystery, some self-help (whole lot of good those did! I’m still insane!), and some pregnancy related ones. (Get those the hell outta here!)

I will figure out what goes where and get the list of the ones I am offering up here online. If there is a genre that would interest you, let me know. I have ALL of them. Yes, even sci-fi. (You can’t have my classics. Those are precious to me.) But, please, comment or drop me a line if you have a genre you love and I will send you the whole list rather than posting hundreds of titles here. (How boring would that be!) If I see an interest in a particular area over another, I will go ahead and give an extended entry list.

Thanks for all of you input, friends. You rock!


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