By the book or buy the book?

By the book or buy the book?


Today is officially House Cleaning Day from Hell. (Or HCDH as we like to call it.) Now that I have accepted that we are moving, I am all about getting this place clean. Of course, that means decluttering. Oh.My.Holy.Cluttermess. this place has a lot of junk in it!

I have found my 2 biggest sources of clutter (or stuff I have that I need to get rid of but never do). No, not the children. Although they sure do produce quite a bit of mess!

Clothes and books.

I have more clothes than one woman needs. Half of them I don’t wear. I have no problem getting rid of them. Get rid of the sizes that are too big and feel good that I lost weight. That way, when I need new, I can get new. Also, get rid of the smaller ones that don’t fit anymore, too. I mean, if I get rid of the old smaller sizes then I can get new smaller sizes when I get back there! Right?

But the books. *ouch* I just cannot get rid of the books. I LOVE my books. I reread my books. I have a passion for books that is probably obsessive. I have well over 1,000. But about enough bookshelf room for a hundred or so. You see the problem? I have books under the bed, stacked in the corner, under end tables, in closets. If there is room to put a book there, there probably is a book there. But if we are going to move, I must get rid of some.

This is where you good people come in. Any suggestions on the best way to get rid of my beloved books? Not all of them. But some. Used books stores? Put a list here and anyone who wants one on the list can ask and I will send them? You see, I want to know my books go to a good home. Not some dusty old store where it will sit and get yellowed and never be loved. (I told you my love for books is sick!)

Any ideas out there? What is the best way to debookify (Debookify is SO a word!) I would love some input.


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