Decisions. Decisions!

Decisions. Decisions!

Well, I finally got the balls courage brains to tell one of the head PTA Militant Moms that I just don’t think that I am cut out to be one of them. I mean, it got to be a really upsetting conversation. Basically, she was questioning my ability to do the job while I was questioning my ability to be a Stepford Wife PTA Militant Mom. You know what pissed me off the most? She made me cry. I hate anyone who can make me cry.

I did what every sane and rational adult does when a bully makes her cry. I told on her. I called my big sister and told her to come beat her up. After a while of me questioning everything about myself I blurted out, “That does it! We’re moving for sure now. I’m not putting up with this crap!!” (No. I don’t think I overreact to things. Why do you ask?)

*silence* on the other end of the phone

Then, in all seriousness my sister said, “Yep. It’s gotten pretty bad when you have to move to avoid the PTA.”

That line was just classic. It made me burst out laughing and put it all in perspective. I made a decision. (ummm, I haven’t really talked to my husband about it, so don’t tell him yet, okay. I mean, I will tell him eventually, but I have been rather irrational lately and well, I think he is afraid of me. So, best to just keep this between us, okay? Thanks a million!)

So, I decided rather than deal with their bullshit this fall, I have decided that whether we move or not, I am going back to school full time in the fall to get my teaching certificate. If I really want to help the school, I should just get my butt in there as a teacher. Right? (Say right. Because really, I need major props for just making a decision. One way or another.)

Where am I going to go to school? I am glad you asked. It will either be (if we move) Texas A&M (can I hear a Whooooop!) or (if we stay, ironically enough) UTD.

I am going to go to bed now. Decision making has sucked me emotionally dry tonight. Stay tuned for more exciting decisions: paper or plastic? sweats or jeans? DVD or a book? It is just nonstop thrills here, I tell you!


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