NO you’re defensive

NO you’re defensive

Recently, it was suggested to me in an email that I was a bit defensive. How rude! So I replied.

“How dare you go off on me accusing me of being defensive? What? Because I didn’t like the tone of your mass emailing I am suddenly defensive? That because you told me I need to go to church I will suddenly be a good person? Who do you think you are to get so preachy to me? I think that you are the one being defensive, Pastor John.”

Okay, no I really didn’t go off like that on my preacher.

I just realized from a couple of emails that have really ticked me off lately, that perhaps it actually is not that “they” (they being the collectiveness of people I am referring to) might not all be asshats. That perhaps, just maybe, I am on edge. (Dear, you really shouldn’t respond here. I know where you live.)

People whom I have known for years will make a comment to me and immediately I take it wrong. Oh, I don’t jump their case about it. But I simmer and stew inside. I usually am reading emails with a tone. Why? Whose tone? Mine? Theirs? The scary, evil neighbor lady’s?

Maybe it is because it is that time of year. It’s that time of year where evil is all around us. We have to put up with that because I am pretty sure they are not going away. (But I have stocked up just in case.)

Every year from about the end of February to the beginning of April I am an emotional wreck. Too many “anniversaries” of hard times and tradgedies. But maybe that is just an excuse.

The more I think about it, the more I realize. It must be them! Little cookie pushing enablers! Forget stress. Blame it on the Girl Scouts.


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