PTA? Nah. CMPTC is the way to go!

PTA? Nah. CMPTC is the way to go!

Update: It was brought to my attention by one Cool Dad that the name might need a bit of tweaking. I mean, there are some WAY cool dads who might want to join us too. (Thanks Mr Chickenshorts) So, if all approve, the new name will be CPTC (Cool Parents Taking Charge) All in favor, raise your glass. All apposed, go join the regular PTA.


Something has to be done about the PTA Militant Moms. Either that, or get me an unlisted number. I used to think that volunteering for PTA was something I could do to get involved and know more about what is going on at the boys’ school. You know, make the commitment to help out and all of that crap? It turns out I misread the by-laws. I am to be actually committed for volunteering. As in committed to a mental institution for serious lack of the Mommy Militia Gene.

Is it so wrong to want to be involved with my kids and not have to spend roughly 10-15 hours a week, every week doing things that I really don’t see make much of a difference. And then be told that you did it wrong or not the way it has always been done? It is downright discouraging and frustrating. I think Natalie and I need to start a new version of the PTA. We can call it the CMTC. (Cool Moms Taking Charge)

We will restrict your volunteer time to when you can make it and hold off on the guilt. Meetings will be held in restaraunts that serve liquor. It will not be a sin to have children younger than the ones in the school where you are a volunteer. Speaking at a meeting for longer than 10 minutes will get you smacked. If the phrases “That’s not how we usually do it” or “that isn’t how is is supposed to be done” are uttered, that person buys the drinks at the next meeting. If you find great delight and glee in the Parlimentary Proceedure, you will probably not fit in. Oh, we will allow you to give us a try, but remember what happens if you use one of those phrases mentioned above? It could get pretty expensive for you. We are strong on the old childhood motto: “If you have nothing nice to say, keep your freakin mouth shut”. Most importantly, we realize that you actually do have children and a life outside of school. We wil respect that. Unlike the PTA, we will not require you to give these things up to serve us.

Oh yes, the CMTC will be great. Who wants to join? Charter members get free margaritas!


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