So Hung!

So Hung!

Okay, I admit it. I thoroughly enjoyed William Hung on American Idol. I felt terrible for him when he was just so darn sweet! Oh, it isn’t like I think he should be the American Idol. But, I totally adored his great outlook and innocence! How many of us would go face someone like Simon and Randy and think “What the hell? I’m giving it a shot because I really want to try.” Well, maybe some of you would. But a lot wouldn’t. I admire the guy.

But do I obsess over him? Oh hell no. So when I saw this site, I almost fell out of my chair laughing. (Well, not literally out of my chair. That would require skill since it has two arms and is pretty stable. I was just using a figure of speech people!) You must check out the Marry Me Will part. Oh just check it all out.

So, who out there is ready to put up a page for Fookling Lee? Anyone? I’ll host you here. *grin* I get about 10 hits a day here for her, so I know there is a need. C’mon.


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