Super Sunday

Super Sunday

Here are just some random thoughts without any real tie-ins to each other. Well, except that they came from my mind. That would tie them together. But isn’t that sort of like the only thing you have in common with someone else is that you were both on the Titanic? That just may be something to think about. So anyway…on with the pointlessness that is this entry.

Yes we watched the Super Bowl. Yes we ate too much junk food. I watched the halftime performance with mild curiousity. So who’s this mysterious guest that is so pathetically hyped? We’ve pretty much figured out that it was either Justin Timberlake or Janet Jackson’s right breast. I think it was the breast. People are pretty much over Justin and he wouldn’t generate the excitement as a bare breast, now would he? No, he wouldn’t. Way to promote that flash, CBS! Who would’ve thought that there would be so much build up and prior “special guest” announcements just for a glimpse at some of Janet. Goodness! How long before it is all over the internet? Finding spam in your inbox “see Janet Jackson’s halftime peep show breast here”. What? You’ve already gotten that email? They’re quick!


(I don’t know. She doesn’t look too amused.)

As for the game itself, I really enjoyed the second half when it got going. Even got a little loud over here. (And not just the kids screaming either!) So, with the Pats winning over the Panthers, we all gather round Kathy Howe and listen to her rejoice that football season is over. (Just don’t tell her about the pro-bowl next weekend, okay?)

Oh wow, look, it was all tied together. Imagine that. Guess that means I should go to sleep while I am ahead. I just love an entry that comes together. (Okay, I love an entry where I really am funny and insightful and thought provoking more, but we can’t have everything, now can we?)


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