Tired Face

Tired Face

This morning I have Tired Face. You know Tired Face, don’t you? It’s those times when you are so tired, you barely have control of your facial muscles. Your mouth hangs slightly open when you are not aware of it. At times, your tongue rolls slightly to the side of your mouth. In rare instances, there may even bit a tiny smidgen of drool. You pretty much resemble a drunk who has suddenly been asked what the square root of pi is. Your eyes are so heavy you feel like you are squinting at everything, but you aren’t quite squinting because that would mean you had some control over your facial muscles and we’ve already established that you probably don’t. Now do you recognize Tired Face?

Yessir, that is me this morning. Not only do I look frightening, I am probably slurring my words a bit. Hubby is not so thrilled that I am not even trying to hide the fact that I have every intention of heading right back to my bed the very instant I return from taking the kids to school. Nope, not even pretending that I have plans to stay up and then sneaking off to the bedroom. Uh-unh. I am hoping to remember to take my shoes off first, but honestly, it isn’t even a priority at this point. When you have Tired Face, you just hit the sack as soon as you can.

Yes, he hates me for going back to bed. You probably do too. I’ll be sure to worry about that when I get up later.


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