What do you mean I’ve been playing for 12 hours?

What do you mean I’ve been playing for 12 hours?

Today was totally wasted. Completely. Not in one of those “I did stuff but not enough” ways. More like one of those “I found a game that I got obsessed with and spent my entire day doing that” ways.

But did I learn? Nope. In fact, I want more. I have no idea even how to find more. I am a junkie now. Gimmie Gimmie. Okay, not quite that bad, but people, I got hooked.

Now, this game has probably been around since like the dawn of time (or since Al Gore invented the internet), but it was new to me, so I had a good time playing. Anyone know the game? Anyone know anymore like it? C’mon, won’t you be my game-dealer? Start pimpin’ some games my way. A girl’s gotta get her needs met.

*Warning: If the Crimson Room got you irritated and wasted your time, do not attempt this. It is similar, but with 12 levels. Yes, 12. I have friends I’ve known for years ready to kick my ass over getting them into this. (heh) You have been warned.


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