You asked…I’ll answer

You asked…I’ll answer

Joe asks: What did you want to be when you grow up? I always, always wanted to be a good wife and mother. I hope I am those things. Also, I wanted to teach. And I wanted to be a writer. I am teaching my kids everyday. And I write here everday. Smaller scale than I dreamed of, but good. No regrets. I still plan on going back to school to get my teaching certificate and I will get published one day. (And in the “crime” section of the newspaper won’t count. Really.)

The Sarcastic Journalist wants to know what I hated most about being pregnant. Girl, it was the 24/7 sickness. I was sick for all but 2 weeks of my pregnancy. Food was the enemy. Smells were from hell. And I really was tired of seeing the inside of my toilet so much. Would I do it all again? Hell, yes. Cliche` to say it was worth it, but it was. Hang in there honey. You’ll be able to yell at her one day “I puked every day for 9 months for you. You will NOT talk to me like that!” That guilt card rocks!

Diane asked me how I feel about SpongeBob. Honestly, I used to hate him. I am talking about skin-crawling hatred. Now, well, I have to admit I laugh every now and then. I don’t seek it out, but I don’t run screaming either. I guess you could say I am apathetic about Sponge Bob. I know. It just isn’t right to not feel strongly about him. Sorry. wink

Lee, well, I sense a smart-ass in our midst. Here ya go Lee. You asked. I am answering.
Does this thing have a hemi? Of course. Is there anything else? I am a bit surprised you would even question that. hrrumpph
Can I have your autograph? Sure. I have it for sale on ebay. Current bidding is up to $1.75. If you can pay, I will sign. Umm, but what exactly do you want me to autograph?
What is your favorite coffee (flavor, brand, whatever?)? Usually at home I just add Fat free French Vanilla flavoring to it. At Starbucks, the Caramel Macchiato. Yummy goodness in a cup!
How much longer will you answer questions that people type in the comments of your blog? Umm, forever? Until I stop? Until someone shouts out “Oh for the love of all that is holy, shut the hell up, woman!” (But they get banned. No one talks to me like that. I have a hemi.)
What super power does your husband possess? That is a bit personal, wouldn’t you say? I mean, wow…you really want to know? *blush*
Is there a limit to the number of questions I can ask in one sitting? Nope. Did you not read Buzz and Sabrina’s question and answer session? I got writers cramp just reading them. But I guess that would be typers cramp. I don’t know. It seems to lose something that way. What do you think? How many questions can you ask in one sitting?

*big sigh of relief*

I am done with the questions you have asked. I am pretty fed up with Me. Are you? If so, thanks for playing. If not, ask away. This is more than even I want to know about me. But I am willing to keep playing if you are.

Oh, and people, go see the readers who asked me questions. They took the time to ask and I read them all everyday. Go check them out! Now. Go. Really. I’ll still be here waiting for you!


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