Come be me! Please!

Come be me! Please!

This weekend we have to pack and clear out any clutter and knick-knacks to make the house look less “homey”. (I do not have to call it cluttered!) We also are supposed to have a yard sale. Oh yeah, and 4 soccer games. (Yes, 4 in one weekend.) And did I mention that we also have to paint? And fix some baseboards? And steam clean the carpets?

So, I am taking volunteers. Who wants to come live my life for the next 2 days? Anyone? I am begging. Just come be me until Sunday night. No takers?

Okay, how about this… I will go to the soccer games. That part sounds fun. But the rest of it pretty much bites and I don’t want to do it.

What’s that number to the cult that clones people. Maybe I can put in a rush order for me.


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