Election= because I said so ??

Election= because I said so ??

A while back, the cult sent out a notice that they were taking nominations for next years board positions. (nominate: tr.v. To propose by name as a candidate, especially for election) See, I included the definition of nominate there. So far so good. So far it makes sense.

Last week they sent home a notice that the “elections” were going to be next week. (election: n. 1: a vote to select the winner of a (political) office 2: the act of selecting someone; “many candidates ran for election”) In that notice they gave you the names of the people who will be filling those positions. No, not the choices of names that were submitted. The names of the people already selected to fill these positions. And you, lucky parent, get to “vote” for them. Huh?

Am I missing something here? Isn’t an election choosing someone to fill a position, not agreeing with the choice a very, very few select people have already chosen? Maybe I am too democratic to really understand the cult and it’s ways. Either way, I am just thrilled out of my mind to be moving so that I not only won’t be on the list, I won’t even be in the same city anymore.

But really, am I missing something?


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