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You know what I am waiting to see at a restaurant? No more low-carb/ Atkins friendly. No more low-fat friendly. No more heart healthy. No. I am tired of the Healthy Eating Options when eating out. Reading menus lately is like reading a book on the latest diets.

Chapter One: Atkins Friendly
Chapter Two: Heart Healthy
Chapter Three: Weight Watchers Low Points Friendly
Chapter Four: Low Fat Friendly

I want to see a restaurant that only offers what we all pretty much want when we go out to eat. Tasty meals with twice the carbs of normal food, double the fat, too many calories to compute. (Food that would make any Southern Grandma proud.) You’ll feel your heart race with excitement and delight (and probably a touch of fear)! Oh yes, they’ll have what we want. They’ll offer you the orgasmically delicious foods that everyone else is afraid to even talk about let alone serve you. In fact, if you ask for something healthy, you will get the same look of scorn that you now receive when you ask for something that has been deemed “bad for you”.

Yes. I want to me some of that. Otherwise, just shuddup and give me a menu and I’ll try to figure out which meal I will waste my money (not to mention points/calories/carbs) on. Feh.



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