Get Out! (Creeps!)

Get Out! (Creeps!)

When you have your house on the market, just knowing that strangers are going to be frollicking through the house everyday (one can hope), sure makes you see your things and your housekeeping in a different light. (What? Are you questioning my use of the word frollicking or questioning my housekeeping abilities? Frollicking sounds better than poking their nosey little selves around in every nook and cranny of my home. As for my housekeeping abilities, 10+ years with kids and I haven’t lost one in the chaos yet. So be nice!)

I love having friends over and entertaining. That is different. They are not going to go through my entire house opening closets and cabinets and looking in my private spaces. Well, some do, but that’s okay. I do it to them too. I mean, you gotta see who has what in their medicine cabinet. Don’t want to get too close to Ms. Foot Fungus without shoes. Don’t really want offer a game of one on one basketball to Mr. No Deoderant, now do we. Don’t worry. If I have been to your house, I haven’t done this to you. Just those other people. Oh shuddup. You probably did it at my house. Besides, if I invite you over, I know you. It’s okay if you see the medicine in my cabinet. You probably heard all about it before you ever looked. But strangers? *shudder* It just creeps me out.

A good friend thinks I should leave fun adult toys out on my nightstand…just to know that it will shock the realtor and people looking at the house. It would make me laugh just thinking about it everytime I know the house is being shown.

And in here is the master bedroom. It is spacious and open with a split level floor and….omigod, what is that? Is that what I think it is? No way! *stammer stumble* Ummm, ummm, let’s go back to the living room.”

What do you think? I mean come on, the shock on their face (or at least imagining their embarrassment) would transfer the creepy factor over to their side at least. And I am all for that.


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