grumble grumble moan

grumble grumble moan

Seriously, I am just not genetically wired to be able to do this much cleaning and organizing. It just goes against all I stand for. (Or rather, sit down for.) I am tired, irritable and achey. But, I have been too busy to sit down and have any real meals in days, so I have lost a little over 3 lbs since last week.

I really miss sitting down to blog for as long as I want. I miss writing and reading them.

I miss arguing with the 2 yr old over whether we are watching Dora the Explorer or The View. (I usual win that one since she doesn’t know how to read yet and can’t work the remote. I am not above telling her it isn’t on if I am not in the mood to watch it. Quit looking at me like that. You’d do it too if you were forced into watching it all the damn time! Lately, though Dora is majorly winning.)

I miss crawling back into bed if I didn’t sleep well that night and then pretending I have been up for hours being super productive when the dear husband pops in for an early lunch.

Where oh where has my lazy self gone. I am not so sure I like this busy, active and productive person. She sort of scares me. But, I must push on. There is a house to pack and get ready to sell and no one has offered to come do it for me…yet. SO….here’s to working myself into an exhausted stupor everyday! In the words of Homer Simpson…

Woo Hoooo


Can someone pass the coffee?


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