I got nada

I got nada

I got nothing for you good people tonight.

I am just one big stomach ache of nerves. I really need to smack the person who thought it was a good idea to put the house on the market this soon. (Oh wait, that was me. Nevermind.)

Tomorrow, after a “good night’s sleep” (I laugh at that, but hey, positve thinking, right?), I will be back to being me. There will be nothing left to scrub. (I hope.) Or organize. (Bite me.) Or declutter. (Just throw the crap away, already!)

Oh, and to that poor gentleman in the parking lot at Krogers who looked all worried when I stopped near your car and doubled over… Dude, I am so sorry if I scarred you for life by puking all over your general vicinity when all you did was show me kindness by asking if I was okay. Umm, if it helps, I felt much better afterwards.

Like I said…I am nothing but nerves.


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