Insomnia fun times

Insomnia fun times

Fun things you hear at my house when Mommy has insomnia:

(while checking on the sick Little Diva at 2:30am)
me: Are you feeling okay, sweetie?
Her: No Mommy. I need to not feel icky.
Me: Wanna get up and watch a movie with Mommy?
Her: No, Mommy, it’s not “sunnyday” (her word for after the sun rises and she knows she can get up) We are ‘posed to be nite nite. Go to bed, Mommy, until it is “sunnyday”.

Sitting in bed at 3:15am crying because I can’t sleep.
Him: What’s wrong, babe?
Me: I can’t sleep. I can’t f*cking sleep and I am so tired!
Him: Crying? Yeah. Crying is the way I would go. (Then he rolls over and goes back to sleep.)

After finally falling asleep only to be rudely pulled from it to the annoying sound of loud snoring:
Me: Shuttup already!
Him: That was you, not me.
Me: Nevermind.

Oh yes, it is big time fun here when Mommy can’t sleep. So we all know what that means for today, don’t we?

Mommy. Needs. Coffee. (and lots of it!)


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