It’s a boy!

It’s a boy!

It’s me again! I am in Houston. But that isn’t the big news. The big news is…

I am an AUNT again!

This morning my sister gave birth to a beautiful 7lb 8oz baby boy. He is the cutest thing ever. And the exciting thing about holding him was that my uterus didn’t even twitch! I held a newborn baby and wasn’t sad that it wasn’t mine. Oh that is just big for me. In fact, I think I will celebrate by sleeping through the night tonight. Unlike my poor sister who won’t sleep until aroung 2006 (if she is lucky!)

I am sorry I haven’t updated. We all know that dial up (say it with me) Sucks! Someone was supposed to update for me, but I guess he forgot. (GO give him a hard time for me!)

I hope to talk to you soon, but like I said, we all know that dialup (say it with me) sucks! (Which will explain any typos that I don’t feel like fixing. Forgive me for my errors, won’t you?


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