No! Not the Barbie game!

No! Not the Barbie game!

There are just some days when I really should hire someone to play the role of Mom for me. Wouldn’t that be great if you could just dial up a number and order a Claire Huxstable or Donna Reed on those days that you just can’t muster up enough energy or desire to be the Mom.

Little Diva brought me her Barbies this afternoon wanting me to play with her.
“Mommy, what do you want to play?”
“How about nap? Can we play nap today?”
“Mommy, you can’t play nap!”
“Then you want to play ‘Brush Mommy’s hair?’?” Just anything but Shopping Barbie and Barbie from da Hood having a conversation, I think. I am SO not good at the whole Let’s Pretend That We Have Important Things To Say. I usually end up saying something along the lines of: “Hi, my name is Barbie. What is your name? Let’s go play with Daddy.” Yes, I know. I am terrible. I will sell him out to get out of the whole Barbie Talkfest.

Today was worse than normal. Today I have the chest congestion that feels like an avil has lodged itself in my lungs. So, of course I took some cold medicine. Non Drowsy. Which really just means, I won’t knock you out, but I will make you feel like you are underwater all day long in both the ways you move and the way you react. Needless to say, I really was not up for the game. So imagine my delight when Daddy came home early and I thought for sure I could go lay down in bed (at the very least, not be playing with the Barbies.)

Imagine my horror when he told me that he had to leave and wouldn’t be back for an hour or more.

So, you’ll have to excuse me, now. I need to go have some stimulating conversations with Barbie and just pray that either Daddy gets home soon or I can convince Barbie that she really wants to go talk to her brother. Maybe I will take another stab at the Let’s Play Nap game, too.


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