On the Road Again

On the Road Again

Happy Monday everyone! Are we all happy? Do I hear singing and general glee among the ranks? Nah. I didn’t think so.

First, I want to thank you for you overwhelming support and congrats on my 4 years. You all blew me away with your comments of congrats and support. Thank you!

So, since today is Monday and many of you are reading this at work. (Quick! Boss is coming. Go back to game playing! Just kidding around with you good people. We all know the boss is in his office reading his blogs of choice, too.) Anyway, as you sit there contemplating how much you really wish you weren’t at work, let me share with you what I will be doing today.

I will be in the car (Did I mention how very small my car is?) alone (as in my husband is staying home) with 3 kids who don’t really want to be in a car (did I mention how small my car is?) driving the 6 hour (if I am lucky) drive to west of Houston. I mean really, DID I mention how small my car is? Oh I am coming fully armed with portable DVD player, Game Cube and ear plugs. (That last one is for me.) And of course Road Trip snacks. Enough to get them full and wired, but not quite enough to make them puke.

Oh good times, people. Good times! (Did I mention how small my car is?)

So, as you sit there is the QUIET of your office, just thank your lucky starts you aren’t me!


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