PTA Volunteer Protection Program

PTA Volunteer Protection Program

Okay, we all know that I have said a thing or two that might be construed as in a somewhat unfavorable light regarding the PTA. No, no. You don’t have to defend me. I have shown a slight distaste for my year of servitude incarceration volunteering. But I have to say, really, people, I don’t hate the organization known as the PTA.

I got a really, shall we say, not nice email from a woman stating the wonderful things that the PTA can do and how they are a great organization and blah blah blah. I never said I hate the organization of the PTA. I have just been burned very badly by my experience with my PTA this year.

I honestly thought that I was the only person who had any negative experiences in regards to the PTA ever. I thought surely the fault lies within me. That someone how I am just missing that ever elusive PTA gene. Until I started to hear from some of you. OH how I have laughed!

Thank you for sharing your experiences, your comments and your support. I have gotten thousands of comments on various things here, but yesterday, I got one of the funniest ones to date. Rhonda over at Traveling On wrote to me (when I was getting overwhelmed about packing and getting ready to move) “Don’t think of it as packing and cleaning. Think of it as preparing to join the PTA Witness Protection Program!” That made me about pee my pants laughing. (Thanks Rhonda!)

To think, an experience with the PTA that got so out of hand that I had to enter the PTA Witness (or should it be Volunteer) Protection Program! That just really cracked me up! Can’t you see it now? The official FBI looking agents giving me the low-down:

“The life you once knew is over. Where we are sending you in hundreds of miles away. They will know nothing of your prior PTA experience. You should no longer keep your board badge or your 8 binders with board information. Where you are going, they will see you as a newbie to the PTA. Your record has been cleared. Do not attempt to contact anyone from your previous PTA or you could be discovered as a volunteer and, then, well, there is just nothing more we would be able to do to help you. You’d be on your own. Good luck. God speed. And for the love of all that is holy, do not fill out a volunteer interest form at your new location.”

I just got such a kick out of that image!

So, since you all have been more than wonderful about sharing with me your similar or sometimes ever more bizarre PTA experiences, I am giving a shout out for some input. I want to hear your funny, bizzarre, out of the ordinary, mean etc PTA tales. You can email me or comment. Whichever works best for you. I will contact everyone who helps me out and will send you all a little something to show my thanks. Oh, now don’t go expecting a diamond ring or anything. I am an out of work college student mom with 3 kids. wink

I do appreciate this!

And remember, when they get to be too much and you feel you’ve lost control of your own life, the PTA Volunteer Protection Program is there for you!


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