Ramblings of a frazzled mind

Ramblings of a frazzled mind

So do you still love me even though I double post and leave for days at a time without so much as a howdy? I am sorry! As I said, I am in dial up hell. Arrrghhh!

Want to know how to spell exhaustion? Z-O-O ! I went to the zoo today with 7 kids and 1 other adult. Which in zoo-math equals a ratio of about 37 to 2. (And they don’t even serve beer at the zoo. Can you believe it? They do sell cheap and crappy souvenirs, but no beer. I am thinking of starting up a little “cookie” stand just outside the entrance. In those “cookies” we will have crushed up Valium. Oh yeah, I am going to be SO rich!)

Tomorrow I am going to meet with Natalie. I know you are jealous. It’s okay. Admit it! You know you want to go too!

Okay, and here is the sad news. Okay, not so much sad as pathetic. Well, maybe not pathetic, but really not like me. Right now (especially with my dial-up issues) I’ve got nothing to give you good people. So, we’ve got 3 choices here. YOU choose (majority wins). You can either:

1) Have guest bloggers show up here to spew their wisdom on you OR
2) I can open it up to anyone who wants to guest blog here (a free for all, bottomless cup of coffee, so to speak) and you all spew your verbage all over each other OR
3) You tell me what you want me to write about and I will write about it.

Majority wins, so YOU tell ME what you want to see here for the rest of the weekend and it is yours. I will check in by noon Saturday to see what you want. If I get no comments, well, after I stop crying, I will just keep the ol’ blog dead for a few days.

Hope your weekend ROCKS!


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