Sickie Central

Sickie Central

Sorry I haven’t been around much today. I was awakened at 4:00am by Kidlet Jr. standing over me saying he just threw up. Seeing as I just can’t cope with vomit, I did what any rational person would do. I woke up the midnight vomit cleaner. (Sorry dear.)

That poor, poor child has not gone more than 30 minutes without throwing up since. I feel helpless, exhausted and irritable.

Goodness. Is it 5:00 o’clock yet? Mommy needs some relief!

I have another long and more serious post that I wrote, but I am too tired to even finish. I will post it later. I want to get it on here tonight because tomorrow is a big day for me and I wanted to tell you all about it.

Anyway, if you need me, I will in my room, laying down waiting for the next round of clean-up duty.


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