Soccer Saturday

Soccer Saturday

Soccer. It’s all about soccer today. Pictures. (Both boys.) Games. (Both boys.) Sunburn. (All of us.) (Yes, I know those of you who are in snow or freezing are probably ticked off that it was hot beautiful enough for us to get a sunburn, but trust me, when it hits 100+, you’ll be laughing at my suffering.) Typical Saturday for a soccer mom. Of course, this particular soccer Saturday was tougher on me than most. Why? Well, because I have lost my voice and cannot cheer for my boys! Oh sure, the boys love that it means that I can’t yell at them either, but that is just too bad. I can stop them in their tracks with just a look! Such a skill.

Then, I get to come home and clean, declutter, clean, moan and whine about all of the crap we have, clean, moan, yell croak (I have to at least attempt to yell at someone. It makes the day so much nicer) and clean some more. Okay, so who do I have to pay to come in here and get my house ready to go on the market by Monday? Anyone? Anyone?!

*and all she heard was the lonely sound of a few crickets chirping*


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