A job well done

A job well done

Is it wrong that I felt the need to do a shot before I had to go to “Science Night” at the school? I’m just asking.

Let’s see, I have snapped at my kids to get in bed because it is way past their bedtimes. Of course, I told them they could stay up later. So, in a sense I was yelling at them for something I let them do.

I bumped into Little Diva and knocked her down then got irritated that she was underfoot.

I slammed my husband’s one true passion and pissed him off and upset him.

Yep. My work is done here. I’ll be turning in now.

(Can you tell it is the night before a PTA executive board meeting?) Can you tell I am stressed beyond belief and angry at the world tonight? I mean seriously. I am angry at every.single.thing right now. Do I hide it well?

In the infamous words of my darling daughter…..”I need some chocolate.”


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