All cleaned up and no one to show

All cleaned up and no one to show

Getting stood up for a date really is a rotten deal. (No. I wasn’t stood up last night. That wouldn’t be very smart on his part. I do know where he lives and he knows it. I am just talking about getting stood up in general.) So, you go to get ready for a date. You get your “date clothes” on. Your make-up looks perfect. You are having a great hair day. And you wait.

And wait.

And wait.

Your date never shows up.

Yes, today I felt like the girl who got stood up.

We had a realtor call at 2:45pm asking to show the house. She said between 3:30 and 5:30pm. Well, if you know anything about these schedules, you know that really means anytime between the second they hang up the phone and 5:30ish. I go into overdrive. You see, we have had a relaxing weekend. Kidlet Jr has a friend over for the day and night. Little Diva isn’t even dressed. The hard working husband is in the backyard working on the fence in the oh-so-very muddy backyard. Kidlet Sr has been helping in said oh-so-muddy backyard. Are you getting the picture yet?

At 3:25pm the house looks perfect and Little Diva and I even manage to get dressed. We are in “can run out of the crack house” mode. However, the kidlets are restless but are unable to touch anything because I know at a moments notice I will have to bolt out of the house with them. Well, 4:45pm rolls around with nothing and the kids are hungry. I risk it and fix them something to eat. Wiping up every dropped crumb as it is dropped.

Then 5:30pm rolls around. No realtor. I call the scheduling service to see if they have cancelled. He calls the realtor on her 3 phone numbers and can’t reach her. Anger and realization begin to set in as 6:15pm rolls around.

We’ve been stood up. The kids have gotten fussed at for…well, for breathing and causing the air to be displaced. The candles burn down mocking me. The lights burn brightly laughing at my naive thoughts that maybe they are late. At 7:00pm I kick off my shoes, tell the kids to kick off theirs as I call for dinner.

So there we sit in our clean ready-to-show house with no one to show it to except for the pizza delivery dude and he didn’t even care.

I didn’t want them to buy my house anyway. Losers.


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