American Idol? Whatevah!

American Idol? Whatevah!

American Idol talk. Yes, I admit it. I watch it. I am not sure why I do this year. It just seems to suck the energy right out of a room this season. Oh sure, there are a couple who have talent. But, it is an almost uncomfortable season watching. But, yes, I am out of the reality tv closet. I watch American Idol. (Survivor too, if you must know.) So anyway, don’t read if you haven’t watched the show yet and don’t want to be told what happened.

You’ve been warned.

I have just watched my last American Idol show this season.

Fantasia? Latoya? Jennifer? In the bottom three? Maybe in Bizarro world that is possible. In the world where reality reigns, that is just wack!

Keeping John Stevens and getting rid of Jennifer? Whatever. It just goes to prove that this show is not at all about talent anymore. It is about who can have some ridiculous campaign to get enough of their friends to call in. She may have not had enough votes, but it sure as hell wasn’t because she wasn’t good enough to keep going.

If it was about talent, there is no way John would still be there. I’m sorry, but for this show and the way it is set-up, he has no business still being in it. An open call for a lounge singer? Perhaps. Frank Sinatra tribute show? Sure. Why not. American Idol? Not at all!

Mark my words…we have not heard the last from Jennifer. She has come a long way and deserves to still be there. Quentin Tarrintino even thought she is the bomb for goodness sake.

Oh, and can one of you good people tell me who wins the “I can get the most people to vote for me” show when it ends? I mean, it should be amusing to see how far an open phone line with no maximun call limits can take some people.

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