Feed me. I earned it!

Feed me. I earned it!

Today is the annual Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon at the boys’ school.

Are you waiting on pins and needles to find out if I am going or not? (Oh come on, I know you live for this kind of PTA talk. Admit it!)

I am. Yes, I was shocked, too. But, I am. One of my dearest friends (who happens to also be the mother of Little Diva’s best friend) talked me into it. She put it to me in a great way.

“Hey, they have to serve you. And it’s free!”

The bottom line is that it isn’t for the PTA. It is for all of the volunteers. I cherish all of the time I am able to really help out at the school (like with actual kids and not just papers and Stepford Wives). And I really do have some good friends who will be there (and some are even on the Exec Board with me).

Although, I do run the risk of having to be civil to the Luncheon Lady. Remember her? The one throwing a luncheon for the three of us just two of the people on the board who are moving? Maybe I can put a mixture of Ex-Lax and Syrup or Ipecac in her food.


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