Job opening

Job opening

Is it Monday yet? Because really, these people are making my house a real mess!

I actually yelled last night to no one in particular that if “I have to pick up one more thing that doesn’t belong to me, I am going to quit and find everyone a new mommy/wife.” Oh yes, I am a lot of fun when I am hell bent on keeping a house clean. Anyone want to apply for my job?

You get to clean, do laundry, fix meals, chauffer 3 kids, arrange social events (playdates), join the PTA, answer the phone, arrange doctors appointments, take care of sick kids, grocery shop, balance the checkbook, coupon clip and of course, be bone-tired 24/7. Anyone?

But did I mention that on a daily basis you get to hear “I love you” and get hugs from these people? Maybe that isn’t much to you, but to me, it makes it all worth it.

Now, pick up your own damn socks! wink


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