Listening to the sounds of the rain

Listening to the sounds of the rain

I admit it. I cheated on my sound machine. I mean, it isn’t like we said we were exclusive or anything. A girl has needs, right?

Before bed I remembered an old traveling sound machine/alarm clock that I bought years ago and never used. (Something along the lines of “Sound machine? Feh! Who needs it?”) The batteries still worked. Of course, it didn’t have my “white noise” option. I got to choose from rain, a train, sounds of the night (isn’t that why I am using this in the first place??), waves, and a babbling brook. Well, rain was the closest to the one I was used to. I mean, I wanted some familiarity.

So, I turned it on and settled in. At first I was excited. I mean, a new sound machine noise. It had to be good. I closed my eyes and tried to get lost in the moment. But, my heart just wasn’t into it. The truth of the matter was…I missed my old sound machine. Oh sure, I let it stay the night anyway. It wasn’t like I could turn back and go return to the sounds of night silence. I missed my old sound machine.

Not to mention the fact that after spending hours listening to the manufactured sound of rain falling, I woke up having to really, really pee.

A trip to WalMart is first on my list this morning. I may not be good at cheating on my sound machine, but I have no problems completely replacing it with a newer, better replica of it. (I’m loyal, not insane!)


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