Mmmm Matthew!

Mmmm Matthew!

Today has been…a Monday.

I woke up early this morning with a migraine. Nothing like waking up with a splitting headache to start your day off. Then we had to carpet cleaned. So, basically, it has been a day of keeping Little Diva occupied and off of any area that is carpeted. Not an easy task in a house that is 90% carpet. (Although, it did also mean that I could put a “No Showings” message on the house for the day. That was nice!)

I did manage to do a bit of blog surfing, though. My head was just too much of a mess to be able to enjoy much of anything. (Especially nasty, oiled up, way too repulsive body builders.) So, imagine my surprise and delight to see a very special post just for me. Thanks, Buzz! You made my night. (My Matthew can always bring a smile to my face.) Perfect choice to please both you and me!

(Although Clint said I need to stop drooling because I may short out my keyboard.)


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