Tales of the Potty Training

Tales of the Potty Training

When you have a toddler potty training, there are many amusing things that come up. They have a great knack for saying the hilarious (unwittingly). These are just a few that have recently come up:

While Little Diva is with me in a stall in a public restroom at a restaurant.
Little Diva: “Mommy, your underwear is broken.”
Me: “No, sweetie, they are supposed to be that way. Shhhh”
Little Diva: “No, Mommy, I can see your hiney! (quite loudly proclaimed) They aren’t supposed to be that way. See! (as she lifts her dress to show me her PullUp.)
Me: “But mine are supposed to be this way. But you are right. I’ll never wear them again.” (at least not when you may see).
But to make it more embarrassing, as I am washing my hands, the woman in another stall comes out, looks at me, grins and says (trying not to laugh) “Thong?”
As my face turns bright red, I nod.

And then we have the neverending questioning of strangers like we had yesterday at the grocery store in the checkout line.
Little Diva (to the checker): “Do you poop in the potty?”
Checker: “Excuse me?”
Little Diva: (quite clearly and overly exaggeratedly as if she is talking to a moron) “I said, do you poop in the potty? I poop in the potty. I pee in the potty, too. Do you?”
Checker: (laughing) “Why yes I do. Thanks for asking.”

But this is my all time favorite.

Last week I walked in on Little Diva as she is going to the bathroom. She had her fingers in her ears (as if she heard a loud noise or something).
Me: “Sweetie, what are you doing with your fingers in your ears?”

Little Diva: “I’m pushing out the poop, Mommy.”


You see, as many times as I have visited Mindy over at The Mommy Blog, I always thought that in the picture her fingers were in her ears because of the noise in her home. Now I know the truth, Mindy! Little Diva told me!

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