They made me need the coffee!

They made me need the coffee!

It is SO not my fault that I must have my coffee. It’s Starbucks fault that I have been “habituated to a drug, albeit one legal and relatively harmless.”

So there. I can have my coffee and my addiciton too. So really, that little white powder that makes me happy is caffeine. They said so themselves. (“In doses of 200 milligrams or less, caffeine, a bitter white powder found in many plants, has been shown to elicit feelings of increased alertness, happiness and sociability — in less scientific terms, a caffeine buzz.”) Therefore, later on, down the road when I am in yet another detox center to rid myself of the evil drug of caffeine, I can then emerge a decaffeinated diva and sue Starbucks.

Read the article for yourself.

Anyone up for a class action law-suit? wink



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