Y’all behave!

Y’all behave!

I have a hot date tonight. He’s sexy, kind and I heard he’s pretty easy. Should be a great date!

So, in preparation I am laying down the law for the kids.

“Do not taunt the babysitter. She is older and can hurt you. She has my permission to hog tie you and make you watch hours of Barney videos.”

“Do not prank call your friends, neighbors or local restaurants. We have caller ID. They can (and will) find you. And I will let them deal with you.”

“Do not torment each other. We have hidden cameras throughout the house. We will know what you do when we are gone.”

“Dialing 911 is not to be done unless it is a real emergency. Being told it is bedtime is not an emergency.”

After laying down the law, Kidlet Sr. looked up at me and said (completely seriously), “Who are you talking to? Him (motioning towards his brother) or me?”

So I say to him, “Both of you. Why would you ask that? Do you think I just meant those rules for him?”

He nods and replies, “Well, you said “you”. “You” means one. If you meant both of us, you say “y’all”. I was just wondering who you were talking to since it was a “you” and not a “y’all” I wasn’t sure who you meant.”

Yes, he was serious. Yes, I did just walk away. Yes, he has lived in Texas all of his life. Why’d y’all ask that?

I think I’m staying home tonight.


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