A day of bliss tomorrow

A day of bliss tomorrow

It seems that not only did I get wonderful attention, snuggles and hugs for Mother’s Day, I also got sick. I have about 2-3 hours left of my voice before it is completely gone. So, what is the best thing to do when you get sick?

If you answered “Why, go on a field trip with 60+ 4th graders!” then you, too, are as insane as I am.

That’s right, folks. I will be gone for most of the day tomorrow as I go to the museum with many, many fourth graders. Of course, I adore these teachers so much, it will be fun to hang with them.

They say it may rain. Uh-oh.

Let’s do the math. School bus full of kids + rain = very smelly ride home

Are you laughing at me? I know I heard someone laughing at that. Do you think that is funny? How rude to laugh at the idea of me stuck on a bus with PTA moms and smelly fourth grade children. I mean, that’s just not right, people.

Perhaps I should offer to drive the moms. I mean, it isn’t like I am going to be of much help on a school bus with no voice.

So who wants to volunteer their Suburban or mini-van to the cause. Anyone? Are you saying, you are dooming me to a bus ride with smelly kids and PTA moms? That does it! You’re getting poop posts and elementary school humor with tomorrow’s entries.

Poopyheads! (At least those of you who laughed are poopyheads. The rest of you probably wanted to laugh, though. Right? Y’all are just boogerheads.)


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