A little constructive criticism

A little constructive criticism

Dear Realtor Agent Showing My For-Sale House:

It has come to my attention that you apparently need me to define something for you. Constructive Criticism. The key word there is constructive.

Let’s look at some examples that outline what is constructive and what is not.

Constructive: Your house smells like feet. Light a fragrant candle.
Not Constructive: Your house was built too long ago.

Constructive: Having a sink full of dirty dishes with flies swarming around doesn’t give a very good “homey” atmosphere.
Not Constructive: I don’t like your floorplan.

Constructive: It may make a better first impression if you tried to erase the chalk body outline off of the sidewalk.
Not Constructive: I don’t like the location.

Can you see the pattern, people?

Constructive means you are being helpful. You are offering advice on ways to improve the overall show-quality of my house. You are mentioning things that we can actually do something about in order to lure in a buyer.

Not constructive means you are being a petty pain in my ass and need to go away now.

Thank you for your help in correcting this situation.

The Seller


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